Quality makes a difference.

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Redesigning your world.

If you are looking to redesign the space that you live or work in, then speak to us. We are highly experienced designers who understand the creative growth between humans and their personal landscapes. If you are inspired by your surroundings your life will be inspiring.


Interior Design

Even with the best of design intentions, styling a room is not unlike choosing fashion and accessories for a big event--a lot depends on taste. This is a place you will spend a good part of your life, your interior home or office. WG Design Lab knows that getting right the details, those elements that accessorize the overall design itself, is as crucial as the rest. That is how micro-focused we are on making sure the rooms embrace you at every angle, welcome you with every step.


Residential Design

Your needs are central to everything we do. First and foremost we are here to provide the most beautiful, suitable and inspirational spaces to suit your needs. Whatever the scope of the property or landscape, we can craft a unique and stunning look specifically designed for you. The transformation from old to new doesn't have to be stressful. Let WG Design Lab take over the heavy lifting.

Commercial Design

Commercial spaces speak volumes about your business. Before clients meet you they have made judgments based on your business presentation and the ambiance. We aim to create spaces that tell your clients everything they need to know about who you are and what you do. Your headquarters is the face of your brand. We give you the touches that show your company's true level of success.