Residential Design

Designing a Home

That Reflects Your


Home is the ultimate destination after a long tiring day at work. There is no better comfort after a stressful day than what waits behind your own doors. Your lair should present you with tranquility and be a primary source for your relaxation.

At WG Design Lab, we believe that your home is a true reflection of your emotions and personality and when we consult with you. That is our take away, and what we hit the ground running with -- how it leaves you feeling at the end of a long day.


Are you ready for a redesign?

WG Design Lab is a cut above and ready to make your space

one everyone recognizes as welcoming and stylish.


Once you've planned to make the change in your space,

WG Design Lab works quickly to begin the designing process, consulting

with you along each stage of the planning and during the selection of

the best quality goods for your look.


To enjoy a compact and beautifully modernized home, you don’t need to relocate.

Whether you have a large or small space, WG Design Lab can transform your home

into a spaciously appealing environment, that defies dimensional limitations,

by using creative visual placements.