Interior Design

Interiors are the

most important

part of your space


Even with the best of design intentions, styling a room is not unlike choosing fashion and accessories for a big event--a lot depends on taste. This is a place you will spend a good part of your life, your interior home or office. WG Design Lab knows that getting right the details, those elements that accessorize the overall design itself, is as crucial as the rest. That is how micro-focused we are on making sure the rooms embrace you at every angle, welcome you with every step.

Important steps towards transformation

Change is always welcomed but is hard to adjust to.

Why should you have to move just to get a fresh look and feel for your home?

The transformation from old to new doesn't have to be stressful.

Let WG Design Lab take over the heavy lifting.

Assessing the space

Photography of your space will provide us the better understanding of the space's needs. When you deliver those pictures, we make a demo file and show you that how your space will look after the final decoration. Need not to worry, we will assist you in this step and make this work as easier as possible. We deliver sample pictures as soon as possible so that you can make and suggest important changes.