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Soulful Designs

By Gifted Designers

Our impeccable designers, Dionne Warwick and Bruce Garrick, both bring their own innovative touches to whatever is before them. They work collectively towards creating masterpieces from the simplest styles to the most elaborate. Together their exquisitely designed abodes by WG Design Lab are exemplary in permanence and assembled by doing complete justice to the entire space.


Behind a team of acclaimed designers, and with an inspired use of textiles, fabrics, and high-end elements;   WG Design Labs creates innovative results in decor with our client's comfort at the forefront. While some of our major projects have included restoration of historical national structures; commercial buildings and theaters. We cater to every level of creative need. Anyone with a vision for aesthetically appealing designs for their home or office will find their desires met with precision and affordability. That is why the WG team is keen on consulting with each individual's own vision, based on their budgets, for the final outlook and enhances it with precision and depth.


What sets us apart?

The WG

We are 100% tuned into you, the client, and this is pivotal to everything we do. Your exact needs and desires are essential to the design process. It is you who will be living with our work so it has to be a partnership. One we take seriously from the individual to the corporate brand.

The WG

Every element of your home, office, or venue has an intrinsic value to you, including how it is placed and styled. What is of value to you is of utmost priority to us, and that is why we offer the highest quality products and services to keep your designs priceless!

The WG

Casual Elegance - also known as less

is more – is what we love. Our clients agree! We develop our elegant and comforting design philosophy as we continue to work on new projects. We offer unlimited artistic and technical capabilities. The highest possible level of personal service is what you come to expect with WG, every time.


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